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    A new way to pick colors

    Hello everyone ;), in this post I would love to share this tool with you I found a few days ago. With this tool you can pick colors directly from your screen. And the best is that you do not have to download any tool you can do it directly in your browser! How to use the tool? Go to...
  2. LogoFinder

    Google Fuchsia Logo

    Google Fuchsia Vector SVG Logo Download the Google Fuchsia Logo as SVG Logo. Credits
  3. T

    This video tells the story behind Comic Sans - and reconciles you with the font

    Comic Sans is considered as an outsider among designers but the story behind the typeface is really exciting - and makes perfect sense. Comic Sans is probably the most hated font among designers. Designed by Vincent Connare in 1994 with the best intention. To save his honor, you have to...
  4. Michael

    Logo Analyse - Hollister Corporation

    Logo Analyse Hollister Corporation Darstellung (Tier) Möwen werden oft mit ihrem Lebensraum an der Küste in Verbindung gebracht. Meeresrauchen, Surfen, Sandstrände. Der Wasservogel, der in der Mythologie als Wegweiser gilt, ergänzt das Corporate Design von Hollister perfekt. Des Weiteren...
  5. Michael

    Logo Analyse - Porsche AG

    Logo Analyse Porsche AG Darstellung (Tier) Im Allgemeinen steht das Pferd als Sinnbild kraftvoller, wilder, aber auch eleganter, zähm-, gestalt- und verfeinerbarer Lebensenergie, zumal das Aufbäumen des Tieres im Logo dies unterstreicht. Es wurde gewählt, um die Verbundenheit zur Heimatstadt...
  6. Michael

    OnePlus Branding - Packaging Design Analysis

    Hello, I started to analyse the OnePlus Packaging Design and created a documentation about it. It's currently only available in German but if there are people interested in it, I'll create a English version. Please give feedback below. :D Download
  7. Michael

    Tutorial Business Card Formats - What is the standard size?

    Basically, there is no uniform standard business card size but here we show which are the common ones. Overview of the most common ones 85 x 55 mm Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey 88.9 x 50.8 mm USA, England, Canada 90 x 55 mm Australia, Sweden, Norway...
  8. Michael

    Logo Analyse - Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation

    Logo Analyse Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation Darstellung Das ikonische Polo Ralph Lauren Logo zeigt einen Polo Reiter auf seinem Pferd. Jene traditionelle Sportart ist ein Symbol für Reichtum, Ansehen und dem amerikanischen Lifestyle. Das Logo soll das Gefühl von Stolz, des Elitismus und des...
  9. Michael

    OnePlus Branding - Corporate Design Analysis

    Credits @Michael
  10. Luis Flieger

    The science of Colors - Design Guide

    The science of Colors - Design Guide Color Theory Please mention before you read this: Here you can read a guide about color science. There are usually many correct options, so there is also a subjective element too, which is what makes design so awesome. Different designs call for different...
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    Answered What are the common mistakes to be avoided while designing a logo?

    Title says all. :D I'm interested in your answers.
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    Answered What is the difference between UI design and UX design?

    What is the difference between User Interface and User Experience design?
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    Question How do you insert a check mark in Adobe InDesign?

    Title says all.