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Bulkhead brass push lock air fittings
Introduction:Brass push lock air fittings with nickel plated are used widely in pneumatic tubing system especially in high pressure. There are more than 20,000 different kinds of products in stock. The delivery time will be very quickly. Please free fell to contact us for some advice first.
Main feature:
1. The release ring is elliptical design, more labor-saving and convenient to disassemble.
2. All BSPT and NPT threads are pre-coated with PTFE leak-proof glue, with good sealing performance.
3. All BSPP thread fittings are fitted with O ring.
1. Confirm the working environment, temperature, working medium and working pressure before using metal quick plug connector.
2. Grooved release ring quick-insert joint has higher pressure resistance than reed type structure, but repeated insertion and unplugging of PU or nylon tube grooved pipe joint is easy to form scratches on the surface of PU or nylon tube, resulting in air leakage. The correct treatment is to use tracheal scissors to cut off the PU or nylon tubes with scratches. Use again to avoid air Brass Air Fittings
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