1. B

    Request Adobe XD Plugins

    Hello guy, today I thought to share Adobe XD Plugins for all people over the world. Request? If you would like to request any plugin, just reply below. Outdated version? Reply below the thread of the outdated version post.
  2. B

    Recources Icons 4 Design - Adobe XD Plugin +Downoad

    Icons 4 Design is an Adobe XD plugin that searches 5,000+ free, high-quality, no-attribution-required icons and symbols. Search by icon name (e.g., ‘arrow’), and place any icons in the result list with a click, resulting in a vector-based, fully-editable icon. Icons 4 Design includes a dozen...
  3. R

    Recources Adobe Photoshop Dry Media by Kyle T +Free Download

    Download exclusive Dry Media brushes from Kyle T. Webster. Chalk, pastel, pencil, and other brushes with pronounced textures. Also includes smudge tools. Need help? Learn about brush presets and how to import brushes and brush packs. Credits Kyle T. Webster Download Download Brushes More...
  4. R

    Recources Adobe Photoshop Summer 2018 Brushes by Kyle T +Free Download

    Download exclusive Summer 2018 Brushes from Kyle T. Webster. This Summer set gives you inking tools with personality, wash brushes with randomized streaks and stains, stony texture brushes, and more. Need help? Learn about brush presets and how to import brushes and brush packs. Credits Kyle...
  5. Tom

    Question Can a GIF be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro?

    Can I import a gif into Adobe Premiere? And if so, how can I do that?
  6. Michael

    OnePlus Branding - Vector Logos +Download

    Here you can find and download the ONEPLUS logos! Download the Illustrator files here (Click on the image to download) Choose color red - white Best regards, Michael.
  7. R

    Answered Which is better for photo editing: Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop?

    I’m starting to do some photography and I wanted to know which would be better to invest my time in. I have used both applications before, however my knowledge isn't extensive. Does anybody have tips?