Question What is the most valuable furniture of thonet


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Thonet has shaped th furniture industry, especially the Nr 14 had extreme success, because it was pretty easy to build and the parts of 20 Chairs could be build in a 1*1*1m transportation set.

But what was their most successfull chair (maybe besides nr 14)


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Hey rhyme,

In my Opinon it is defenetly the nr 209

Thonet “209”
Year: 1900
Provenance: Austria

One of the most crucial innovations in the time line of the modern chair is the invention of a process that allowed wood to be bent with steam. The importance of the curvilinear furniture masterminded and made by Michael Thonet and his company at the turn of the 20th century cannot be underestimated. Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos, among others, designed for Thonet, but the 209 armchair is the icon for modernists. Back when Le Corbusier was doing his avant-garde early architecture, what did he choose to put in almost all of his buildings? A Thonet 209 armchair. It was the only chair he felt was as modern as his architecture, and it still beguiles us to this day.