Request Show us the best Picture you have ever made!


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Nowadays, it is pretty hard to get the attention of people to really look at what you've just shot.

Even if you reach hundreds of views on your Instagram, you can be assured, that they don`t look at the picture, they just scroll through their feed and half-minded double-press what they find mildly pleasing to look at.

we created this thread, to embrace a new love it pictures! Instead of looking at a bulk of pictures you made and not paying full interest in any of them, we ask for the picture that you think is best.

Compare your pictures with the Pictures of other people and give them feedback.

My Pictures are nothing special, but I will start with one I personally like:
cut tree downscaled.jpg


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Здравствуйте, гляжу здесь пользователи знающие, народ подскажите относительно сайтов с программами, нагуглил тут
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, но не знаю точно подходит ли он, надо скачать редактор графики и хотелось бы при помощи торрент программы.