Request Short effective Videoclips with a message ( Trailers, Ads etc )


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Something that everybody should learn, is how to use the short attention span that you have from your audience, as efficient as possible. Just post some very short clips and give your opinion on them.

Let's learn from the best!

My example:

This trailer seems like nothing when you just watch it, but it conveys a lot more information than you think:

.00-.02 - shows an innocent clip of siblings in the 70s. You are instantly in a kinda retro mood, also it awakes your interest because you don't know what this is about.
.03-.06 - makes the "eggo" look dangerous and also twists the mood. Retro stays, but what was happy, is now dangerous.
.06-.08 - the scream "eleven" avokes us out of the trance of being irritated what is next. We see the face of a scared child upside down.
.09-.10 - classic something is coming atmosphere, with something happening, that we can't explain ourselves, but are not scared of it either.
.10-.11 - the screen flips with the caption "the world is turning" which is exactly what we saw in seconds 0-6
.12-.13 - scared and irritated boy looks into the camera, the scary bass is still going, but this is the first time we acknowledge it.
.13-.14 - someone with angry, movement downwards, maybe killing somebody.
.14-.15 - the text and animation from before go on with the text "upside down". This information makes us curious, everything is somehow naturally explainable, but upside down makes no sense.
.14-.17 - the trailer proceeds in giving us some information we can't process.
.17-.20 - a door opens and for the first time we see something completely unexplainable.
.20-.24 - Music them shifts into arpedgiated 8-bit style Music, meanwhile the Name Stranger Things and the 2 are hammered in our heads.
.24-.26 - gives us information about when it happens.
.26-.28 - the standard Netflix Logo appears and we think the trailer itself is over, but then turns itself like the trailer "the world is turning upside down" said" to get end the trailer friendly and maybe get a chuckle out of a few people.

This was the Stranger Things trailer they showed in the Superbowl break. in just 28 shown seconds it is able to convey all the basic questions a trailer should answer without spoiling anything.

If i missed anything, please tell me!

In my Opinion one of the Best Trailers I've seen.

Hyped for your favourites!