Discussion Is social media controlling peoples lives?


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I thought I would bring this up In a discussion here, was talking with a few friends over the weekend at my place regarding how social media now days is such a high need with peoples lives. In public all I see is people ( old and young ) glued to there mobile/cell phones.

Is social media a major factor of your life?

Would no access to social media for 1 month nation wide cause riots and frustration, comment below!


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Wow, interesting question.

For the past couple of years we humans, for the first time ever, are able to reach anybody in the world at any given moment.
If we look at history, you unmistakenly see, that every change as giant as this one, will have some drawbacks.

We kind of get sucked into Instagram Twitter Youtube and, well even MySpace. Because the point is not, them just using them,
it is what everyone using them resolves in. We are almost at a point where you don`t need to style yourself every day, even the visuals get more and more important. This is simply because of the fact, that we often judge someone`s "internet persona" instead of the person themselves.
I believe this is because the people we look up to, our "idols" if you will, are only "internet persona". So if you want to judge somebody in terms of style etc. , you don`t look at the Jacket they are wearing, but the jacket that they`re wearing on their profile pic.

I honestly have no idea what would happen if there would be no Social Media for a month, some people believe it will do everyone good,
and I think so too. If you want to read more about this topic i suggest this article:
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