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Hey there!

This website doesn't look and feel good yet. As a open minded Design Forum,
doing all the design ourselves felt wrong, so we decided to make a Contest out of it!


1. Design a Web Mockup ( a graphical illustration of the websites future looks ) for HowToMedia

2. Make an App Mockup ( a graphical illustration of the apps future looks, you knew that one didn't you ;P ) for the future HTM App

2. Design an Icon and a Logo for HTM.

4. Explain the Concept and Corporate Design of your Mockup


1. for example: if you want to make an Icon / Logo but not a whole Mockup ( or the other way around ),
posting it won`t hurt and we will try to implement it too!

2. There is no limitation to how much you can upload!

3. You will appear somewhere on the website if your Design makes it!

Good luck, have fun and make How to media great! again?

Can`t wait to see you on Board,