Gostock error on image uploading


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Hello there!

I hope somebody still read this GoStock Forum, this is my last hope!

I purchased this script few days ago, because this script would be the best for me, and i have managed to test/try it on demo page. So all functions on Demo site worked like a charm.

However, i've got an error on my own site on photo uploading: When uploading it says: Error, connection was lost. Although, the photo is upload in the right folders also resized versions too, but as soon i change the photo status from pending to active, i get this error, and the site don't work anymore.


$colors = explode(",", $image->colors);
$color = $colors[0];
// Width and Height Large
//$imageLarge = App\Models\Stock::whereImagesId($image->id)->whereType('large')->pluck('resolution')->first();
if($image->extension == 'png' ) {
$background = 'background: url('.url('public/img/pixel.gif').') repeat center center #e4e4e4;';
} else {
$background = 'background-color: #'.$color.'';
$stockImage = $image->stock()->whereType('medium')->first();
$resolution = explode('x', App\Helper::resolutionPreview($stockImage->resolution));
$newWidth = $resolution[0];
$newHeight = $resolution[1];
<!-- Start Item -->
<a data-w="{{$newWidth}}" data-h="{{$newHeight}}" href="{{ url('photo', $image->id ) }}/{{str_slug($image->title)}}" class="item hovercard" style="{{$background}}">
<!-- hover-content -->
<span class="hover-content">
<h5 class="text-overflow title-hover-content" title="{{$image->title}}">
@if( $image->featured == 'yes' ) <i class="icon icon-Medal myicon-right" title="{{trans('misc.featured')}}"></i> @endif {{$image->title}}
<h5 class="text-overflow author-label mg-bottom-xs" title="{{$image->user()->username}}">
<img src="{{ Storage::url(config('path.avatar').$image->user()->avatar) }}" alt="User" class="img-circle" style="width: 20px; height: 20px; display: inline-block; margin-right: 5px;">

When i change back from active to pending of photo status, the site is working again very well.

Folder's permissions are 0755; .env file is fill correctly i think............

As the demo site working well, i think the problem is on my side but can't figure out what is the problem.

All requirements of script are ok on my host.

please help me!