Get Industry Specialized Telephone Answering Service to Develop Communication with Customers


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Kolaxo CCS communicates with the customers of different companies and having different problems with them. The live human agents are experienced and competent to analyze the problem and act accordingly. The motive of our contact center service is to solve customers’ problem so that they may return satisfied and talk positive about your company. We are complained with all the legal requirements of local and state governments. We follow the United State labor laws and obey the TAX regulations so that no illegal or immoral activity is conducted under our roof. Our legal representative remain active and keep us posted about the regulation and we implement them right away. Our agents work in different shifts to make sure the required number of staff is available at night and during holidays. We have developed a perfect rotation system in which the night shift employees are also motivated as the day shift agents are. Hence, doesn’t matter when your customer calls even at late night time the callers is expected to meet satisfied and motivated agent. The quality of our service is measured instantly because the business starts to receive positive feedback about their customer service. Moreover ever service have some performance indicator but the most effective performance indicator is when a customer willing most a positive comment about your services.

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