Tutorial Designing a Logo - a guideline


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Hey there, my name is rhyme and my profile picture is boring and outdated.


Let's change that!

Designing a Logo is not hard. Just open paint and write your name. You can say that is your Logo, but it won't make a great Logo, designing a good Logo including a fitting Icon can be rather difficult.

Take this as Guideline how the Process of Designing a Logo works best.

The first step when Designing a Logo is gathering Information about what you need to convey.

in my case, I am client and Designer at the same time, so I ask myself: "What do I imagine as a fitting Logo".

Client-Me had these Requirements in Mind:

- simple

- catchy

- should show an R.

- preferably only black and white ( pick colors that fit before you design the Logo, Here is a guide on Color Usage: Color guide )

Once you got some simple guidelines, search for a few similar Logos, I found these three:

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Now, let's go with the fun part,

Step 2: make a few sketches of what your Logo could be. I prefer doing this on paper:

View attachment 55

Don't take too much time for your ideas, just write them on the paper. It really doesn't have to look good.

Tip: Try to think in Shapes, it makes designing much easier.

Step 3: Open your Design program, I will be using Inkscape because it is a little simpler than Illustrator ( and it's free! ).

Get your favorite Sketch in Digital Form:

Tip: Whenever you like how it looks duplicate it and go on with one of them so you can come back to that step and compare them easily.

for example:

rhyme tuto.PNG

Once you are Where you wanted, look what you like and what you don't.

In my Case I don't like the Double stroke in the middle:

rhyme tuto3.PNGrhyme tuto4.png

So I have to come up with a solution on how to fix this.

Starting again:

Rhyme tuto 5.PNG

This is what I came up with.
But I don't like the Proportion and it looks like an "h", so once again:

rhyme tuto 6.PNG

I am pretty satisfied with this one, so I try multiple variations of it:


rhyme tuto 10.PNG

Now i simpy choose my favourite and im done: