Request Anyone has the Gal Shir brushes for Adobe Photoshop?


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I got them but just dont know how to convert it into the photoshop brush file type. if you know how to convert it please tell me. I could send the png files for the brushes for you to define as presets.
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You have to save the brush. In the brush options, when you add a brush, you also have the option to save them. I don't know how the options are in English, but it says something like: load brush - restore brushes and save brushes. You have to press the brush you want to save and then you go to the option to save brush.


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I'm also looking for these brushes (for Procreate + Photoshop), if anyone has them please let me know!


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I'm also looking for Gal Shir brushes if any one have send me link for [email protected]
i'am also looking for
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