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    Discussion Should I Film on Full-Frame if I can or on APS-C Sensor like the Cinema Cameras?

    There is this mysterium around filming video on the right sector size. By fact a lot of cameras like the RED, URSA and C200 only have a APS-C/Super-35 Sensor but a lot of good cameras today like the A7 sereies or Canons 1DX or 5D have a Full-Frame Sensor but should we use the bigger Sensor or...
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    Our YouTube Channel!

    Hi im Paul, I'm planning to create a YouTube Channel for this Website. I tought that we could create some tutorials but I also wanted to ask you guys what kind of content you want to see on the YouTube Channel? should only we upload or some of you too? should we make a weekly show? should we...
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    Introduction - Do I know the way of the devil?

    Hi my name is Paul Weitbrecht, im 18 years old and I life near Stuttgart (Germany). Here you will find some additional information or just things that might be nice to know. As I am very interested in learning from everything around me I would love to share some knowledge with you. I love...