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    Sports Car Collection on PurePng

    Preview Credits PurePNG Download
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    Question Is the Blizzard Logo good?

    I was wondering if the blizzard logo is a good logo because it appears kind of odd
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    Fire PNG Pack - 15 Images in High Resolution +Download

    Awesome, i have searched all the internet for good fire pngs. You seem to get some sick stuff on there!
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    Discussion Are there any viable After Effects alternatives?

    After effects is an amazing piece of software, but are there free alternatives to it?
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    Request Good Businesscards - How do they look?

    Businesscards are a pretty big design topic, you can improve your image by alot with a well designed B-Card. But what makes a good one, give examples!
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    Tutorial Business Card Formats - What is the standard size?

    Thank you so much, i will open a thread where everybody can post some well-designed Businesscard!
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    Question Which visual identities are red and white combined?

    Red and white is a very common color combination, just to name a few, Oneplus, youtube, Vodafone, Quora...the list goes on for basically forever.
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    Design shouldnt hesitate!

    Design shouldnt hesitate!
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    Question How do you get motivated while Designing?

    Hey man! I will upload a detailed list of instructions soon. The most important things are: 1. Dont compare your Design. 2. Share your Design. 3. Dont get in love with your first idea. 4. Read Guides for the specific topic, there are always things to learn and you will get inspired. 5. If...
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    LETS GO!

    LETS GO!
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    Tutorial Designing a Logo - a guideline

    Hey there, my name is rhyme and my profile picture is boring and outdated. Let's change that! Designing a Logo is not hard. Just open paint and write your name. You can say that is your Logo, but it won't make a great Logo, designing a good Logo including a fitting Icon can be rather...
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    Question Who designs the imagery for airliners and how are they painted on?

    Hey, This article should answer your questions:
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    Recources Adobe Photoshop Goache Brushes by Kyle T +Free Download

    Download exclusive IMPRESSIONST BRUSHES brushes from Kyle T. Webster. Inspired by Golden Books artists of the 1950s and '60s who worked primarily in Gouache and made use of both wet and dry brush effects. Golden subset lets you control the amount of dry brush with the tilt of your stylus (must...